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Features Screen

Instant RAM Booster has lot of features to assist you in efficiently managing the memory of your computer 

Release RAM: If at any time you want to free up RAM, all you have to do is to select the amount of RAM and click on the Instant RAM Booster Free up RAM Now 

Automatic: This feature will assist you to automatically free up selected amount of RAM when the RAM of your computer reaches to a minimum amount. Through this feature Instant RAM Booster make sure that your computer never goes below the critical amount of RAM needed by your operating system. 

Time Intervals: This feature will assist you to free up selected amount of RAM at particular interval of time. Through this feature Instant RAM Booster will keep on optimizing the RAM of your computer. 

Launcher: This feature will allow releasing a specific amount of RAM before launching an application. This feature is very useful when you want to launch the applications which are very RAM intensive like Adobe Photoshop. 

History Graphs: This feature provides you a detailed graphical representation of the amount of Physical and Virtual Memory available on your computer. Also you can see the graph of CPU usage of your computer. 

Startup/Other: There are a lot of other features available in Instant RAM Booster which you can use to customize Instant RAM Booster according to your needs.                                

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